Werewolves Beware [public service announcement]

By: N8 · February 20, 2008

With all this talk about Zombies, I almost forgot to mention today’s GP public service announcement:

Fully a third (actually near 38%) of werewolves become ill during a lunar eclipse. For werewolves who were recently Moonstruck, who were turned late in their human lives, and/or who are otherwise already stressed, ill, or immuno-compromised, tonight’s lunar eclipse is potentially fatal. The effect can begin well before the full eclipse and linger for some time after (I’ve noticed that Y is already a bit snippy and distracted today and his Wolf is one of the strongest).
If you are, or someone you know is, a werewolf, please take the following steps to decrease the likelihood of serious illness or death as tonight’s lunar eclipse approaches:
1. Eat red meat. The more the better. And the more raw the better. Now is not the time for dieting or veganesque chicanery.
2. Surround yourself with your packmates and draw on each other’s energy. Tonight is not a good night to lone-wolf it.
3. Avoid conflicts or confrontational situations. Tempers respond differently to the stresses of a lunar eclipse, and many Wolves will react violently to the threat it poses to their supernatural selves.
4. If you feel your temper rising, take deep breaths and try to avoid physical confrontation. Not only will you be weaker than usual in a fight, but a large portion of the fatal preternatural illness resulting from a Lunar Eclipses stems from overexertion brought on by frayed tempers. Try reading a book or taking a nice warm bath.
Above all, take care of yourselves. And each other’s wolves.

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