TV Draft – Recap [drafts]

By: Grimbil · July 28, 2008

Our draft took a while, but I think we’ve found a new format for running these in the future. I certainly picked up a few new shows to start watching, and I hope our readers did as well. I already started watching Mad Men and I’m really enjoying it.

Below are our picks for each round. Leave a comment to vote for who you think won.

5 rounds. The show had to have started in the year 1999 or afterward. Show could be completed, or ongoing. Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog did not count (unfortunately). Order was Grimbil, SN, LD, E, N8, Y.

1. Grimbil – Battlestar Galactica (SciFi)
2. SN – The Sopranos (HBO)
3. LD – Arrested Development (Fox)
4. E – The West Wing (NBC)
5. N8 – Coupling (BBC)
6. Y – The Wire (HBO)

7. Y – Futurama (Fox)
8. N8 – Firefly (Fox)
9. E – Freaks and Geeks (Fox)
10. LD – Lost (NBC)
11. SN – The Office [US] (NBC)
12. Grimbil – Greg the Bunny (Fox)

Round 3

13. Grimbil – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)
14. SN – Boston Legal (ABC)
15. LD – 30 Rock (NBC)
16. E – How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
17. N8 – The Chappelle Show (Comedy Central)
18. Y – Six Feet Under (HBO)

19. Y – The Office [UK] (BBC)
20. N8 – Scrubs (NBC)
21. E – Human Giant (MTV)
22. LD – Frisky Dingo (Cartoon Network)
23. SN – Entourage (HBO)
24. Grimbil – The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

25. Grimbil – The Shield (FX)
26. SN – The Venture Brothers (Cartoon Network)
27. LD – Doctor Who (BBC)
28. E – Mad Men (AMC)
29. N8 – Dexter (Showtime)
30. Y – Top Chef (Bravo)

Grimbil – Battlestar Galactica, Greg the Bunny, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Colbert Report, The Shield
SN – The Sopranos, The Office [US], Boston Legal, Entourage, The Venture Brothers
LD – The West Wing, Lost, 30 Rock, Frisky Dingo, Doctor Who
E – Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, How I Met Your Mother, Human Giant, Mad Men
N8 – Coupling, Firefly, The Chappelle Show, Scrubs, Dexter
Y – The Wire, Futurama, Six Feet Under, The Office [UK], Top Chef
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  1. Grimbil says:

    By “who would win”, I mean getting everyone from each show, putting them all on a team together, and then pitting them against the other teams in a melee brawl to the death.

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