Rom Com Roundup: Definitely, Maybe [1 of 30]

By: E · January 5, 2009

[Rom Com Roundup is a project where I watch 30 romantic comedies I’ve never seen from now until valentine’s day and document how it affects my outlook on love. (Link to the full list of movies)]

The Movie: Definitely, Maybe

The Blurb: It’s a love mystery, as Ryan Reynolds tells his daughter the story of him and three women interwoven throughout his life as she tries to guess which one of these women eventually end up becoming her mother. Told entirely in flashback, with more “Get it? THESE WERE THE NINETIES” cultural references than you could shake a stick at, there’s a real charm to this movie as the pace and tone remain so bubbly and lighthearted that you never feel bad for anyone, really. There’s a certain appeal about a movie that’s almost completely about failure at love, yet never approaching the dark, brooding pathetic nature of guys, as Reynolds is not only the victim of a divorce, but also two failed proposals. Ouch. In the end, the stars make it actually pretty enjoyable, as cheesy and innocent as the humor may be. I can’t lie, I really liked it. Plus, his name is Will Hayes, which is basically Wesley Snipes’s character’s name from Major League.

The Conventions: a kid, flashbacks in the form of a story, “years go by with protagonist depressed from heartbreak” montage, the long distance girlfriend cheats on you with the person she always said she wouldn’t, star crossed lovers, direct reference to bad pop music multiple times through movie

Did I cry? No…but I teared up a little when he mentions that the story has a happy ending, to which his daughter replies “HOW COULD IT, YOU AND MOM ARE GETTING A DIVORCE” and Reynolds replies “you’re the happy ending” immediately followed by kid tears and a loving embrace. How could you not?

Current State of Mind: I’m feeling good. The movie did a nice job of hammering home a few points, most notably that love comes at its own pace, and that people you meet at one point in your life could always grow to be your true love later in life, and to not write off women that I thought would never happen. The main thing it teaches me is to be patient, which is probably my worst flaw, lack of patience. The story also shows that it just won’t work when it’s not right, even when there’s a kid you love and the woman is someone you thought things would work out with. Also, number one lesson? Never buy a ring unless you’re positively sure she’ll say yes.

The worst part of this movie? Watching Will pine after the girls he loves, even after they hurt him. How utterly pathetic, but I’m pretty sure that was me not too long ago, maybe I’m still like that, who knows? I dunno. I’m probably a bit more callous to it all, which is something he probably can’t afford having a kid, right?

But overall, I’m feeling good. This is a good start, I liked the movie, the kid wasn’t too annoying, and so far, it’s got me feeling like I have maintained my realistic, yet romanticized view of love in the world. So far, so good.

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4 Responses to “Rom Com Roundup: Definitely, Maybe [1 of 30]”
  1. Banks says:

    Love this movie. I love that it takes its time and doesn’t try too hard to be effortless. It also doesn’t try too hard to be likeable. I’m looking at you, Richard Curtis. And Isla Fisher is SMOKIN’ hot.

  2. Kathleen says:

    29 to go…

    I’ll check up on you at the halfway point.

  3. dj says:

    Are you worried that watching all these movies will turn you into a ghey?

  4. E says:

    It probably can’t make me any gayer than I already am.

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