Rom Com Roundup: Ghost Town [2 of 30]

By: E · January 6, 2009

[Rom Com Roundup is a project where I watch 30 romantic comedies I’ve never seen from now until valentine’s day and document how it affects my outlook on love. (Link to the full list of movies)]

The Movie: Ghost Town

The Blurb: What happens when you think of a moderately interesting, but mostly recycled idea and build a movie from it backwards? You get Ghost Town, a movie about a dentist who hates people, who can also see dead people b/c he died in surgery for 7 seconds. As you can imagine, the ghosts have some unfinished business, and need Dr. Pincus to take care of it so they can finally go to heaven or wherever. One in particular needs him to break up his widow’s engagement to a man she shouldn’t be with. As you can imagine, he doesn’t really want to do this, but through helping the ghosts, he learns that being a good person is actually worth his time, and maybe, just maybe, he might find love. Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear may be amusing in in their own right, but are largely wasted in characters that are weirdly grating, with Tea Leoni bringing up the rear in making this maybe the most lackluster cast ever. I mean, really, Gervais in a leading man role? He woos Leoni by making her laugh at bad jokes, to which she does a bit overenthusiastically and unconvincingly. Seriously, he’s not that funny, lady. There’s maybe 20 minutes of enjoyable film in this movie, but too bad it comes towards the end, with the first half hour being mostly unbearable. No two ways about it, this movie sucked.

The Conventions: Ghosts, Guy looking in the mirror changing hairstyle in preparation for date, girl who owns a big ass dog

Did I Cry?… No, though I did wretch at the particularly awful closing line: “It hurts when I smile”…”I can fix that.” See, cuz he’s a dentist. Barf.

Current State of Mind: So other than the fact that this movie well, sucked, I thought it was interesting to base a rom com mostly around death. This now makes two movies in a row that puts a love story in the field of loss, and using that to contrast the general positivity of finding love. So I guess this movie was trying to teach me that maybe love’s not about those big successes, the soaring love, b/c in reality, Gervais doesn’t really even “win” Leoni, he just kinda…in the end convinces her he’s not a complete asshole. So I guess that’s a win? Small victories?

Really, the only thing this movie taught me was that I’m probably more charming than Ricky Gervais’s character. So y’know, I’m still feeling pretty good.

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  1. dj says:

    Please don’t watch “Made of Honor.” I’m BEGGING you. It’s not too late…

  2. E says:


  3. LD says:

    You know, it’s enough to make me think that women don’t fantasize about a romance with Ricky Gervais, but that can’t be right.

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