Rom Com Roundup: Made of Honor [3 of 30]

By: E · January 7, 2009

[Rom Com Roundup is a project where I watch 30 romantic comedies I’ve never seen from now until valentine’s day and document how it affects my outlook on love. (Link to the full list of movies)]

The Movie: Made of Honor

The Blurb: It’s the story about Tom, a Lothario who has all these rules about women. Never call them within 24 hours, never sleep with the same woman two nights in a row, etc. And has a best friend, Hannah, who’s smart enough to see that he’s kind of a dick to not want to get involved with him with a ten foot pole. So they become bestest buds and hang out every Sunday, mostly to talk about how much of a dick Tom is to all these other women. When Hannah goes to Scotland for some reason, she comes back engaged to a hot Scot, which makes Tom realize he wants to be with her. Ironically, she wants him to be her Maid of Honor, and HILAAAAARITY ENSUES. In all honesty, I actually kinda liked this movie, because it’s so totally shameless in the “this is how men are/this is how women are!” conventions, making Tom’s dickishness at first be amusingly annoying, and then later being appropriate since everything else around him is so unbearable you kinda empathize with him. But damn it if the central romance doesn’t work, mostly due to Michelle Monahan [‘s legs], and an ending satisfying enough to make you realize that you just had a pretty good time on this utterly predictable journey. Yay for reliable predictability! Plus, I swear to god, Kadeem Hardison is one of the supporting stars. How do you beat that?

The Conventions: Guys playing basketball as an excuse to talk about emotions, fat chick on a diet to fit into her bridesmaid dress, “oops I thought you were someone else when I slipped into bed with you!”

Did I Cry? No. It was the dialogue, without such hokey dialogue, I might’ve actually been moved enough though. Credit where credit’s due…

Current State of Mind: I have to say, as…not great as Made of Honor was, it’s been the most effective movie in terms of making me think that love is something worth fighting for. There’s something admirable and cheesily chivalrous in the thought of trying to win the girl’s love that you should be with, and Dempsey, as smarmy as he ALWAYS looks, sells it here. The thought of being constantly around the girl you’re in love with as she fawns all over another guy is a universally painful sentiment for all men, and I could feel pangs of empathy for the guy. So that when he wins her, it feels good. What can I say, I know how the guy feels.

So story time, I once dated someone in college, and we broke up cuz of the distance, and I still had feelings for her after she started dating someone else. For over a year, I worked to break up their relationship (my friends are well acquainted with this story). And in the end, I won. I got her back, and was sure that we were going to be together forever. Well, we weren’t. And it was a hellish couple of years. And in the end I have nothing to show for it. But you know what? If I was in love with someone like I was in love with her, I’d do it again. I’d do it again in a second.

So I guess you could say that I’m doing fine? Or I’m eternally hopeless and this is only making it worse. Regardless, 3 down, 27 to go.

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