Overkill River: The Story So Far

By: LD · January 23, 2009

I think we’re all willing to admit that reading through the Overkill River series that we’re doing with our friends at Hey, There’s a Bird in This Mirror! takes more than a bit of stamina. At the same time, the content of these entries is (1) phenomenal and (2) probably the best evaluation you’ll find on a band that richly deserves to considered in this manner. So, with great humility (and recognition of the fact that the Joe Budden stuff is a more entertaining diversion), we all suggest that you take the time to not only read these entries, but listen to the songs that they reference.

Part 1 – Dave

Part 2 – E

Part 3 – Raina

Part 4 – LD

Part 5 – Dave

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