GP Draft: Action Sequences – Round 3!

By: LD · February 2, 2009

Ground rules are simple: We’re picking our favorite action scenes from movies.  Let’s get back to it!

1) JCDalton vs. Jimmy – Road House.  A bunch of cheesy 80’s white guy karate fights leads to a brutal fight between Dalton (Patrick  – Swayze) and the sadistic Jimmy.  The fight while good is topped off but a completely unexpected fatality, Dalton defeats Jimmy by ripping his throat out.  So over the top, it take Road House from cool to super awesome.  (My honorable mention would be when Wade Garrett (Sam Elliot) arrives.  Any scene that has Terry Funk smash liquor boxes like Donkey Kong and getting his ass kicked is A-plus for me.

LD – I used to watch that scene with guys like you in prison.

2) N8 –  I’ll take Predator‘s final action sequences, beginning with Arnold’s preparation of the trap decoys, followed by the fight sequences, ending in the Predator’s laugh as the red-light LED bracelet does its beep-by-beep countdown.  The look of understanding that dawns – very slowly – on Arnold as he realizes what that timer means is one of the best ends to an action sequence as he tries to book it through the mud, tired as all hell, to get clear of the blast.

3) SN – In staying with the Arnold theme, and adding my love of chases, I”ll take the crane chase from Terminator 3. Yes, Terminator 2 was a better movie all around, but not even the motorcycle/truck scene can
stand up to the crane chase, where the T-X tries to destroy John Connor by running him down a massive crane. Luckily, the T-101 is there to save Conner (again), while getting slammed off of every building in sight in the process. The rest of the movie is pretty much a kick-ass chase scene as well.

4) LD – I’m going to take a scene from The Bourne Ultimatum.  Do I take the awesome stealth scene from Waterloo station or do I take the knock-down, drag-out fight in Tangier?  I think I take Tangier.  I love the suspense and intelligence of the Waterloo scene, but this is about action, and the chase/fight through Tangier is THE BOMB son.  Greengrass’ does great shaky-cam work.

5) ERocky IV. Drago v. Rocky. Nuff said.

LD – Didn’t even think about sports movies.  I consider myself flanked.

SN – Psscht. Nothing gets blown up in the ring.

LD – Actually, I’m fairly sure that several blood vessels explode in Apollo Creed’s brain at the start of Rocky 4.  And, by the way, thinking about Rocky 4 has reminded me of a movie that I cannot believe we’ve forgotten thus far.

N8 – Do you always list it ___challenger____ v. ___champion___?  What’s the rule on that.  I think E’s got it right, but it’s a geek-based question, so I demand to know.  Otherwise, I’m taking Rocky v. Drago and considering myself a genius since there was never a Drago v. Rocky!  Oh, SNAP.

SN – But Drago was never the champion — he was an amateur. A FUCKING AMATEUR!!!

E – Rocky will always be the champ in my heart.

LD – SN brings up a good point: Rocky WAS NOT a champion in their fight.  HE HAD TO ABANDON HIS TITLE AND FIGHT FOR NO MONEY.  ON CHRISTMAS DAY.  IN RUSSIA!!!1!11

E – Wow,I totally forgot those were specifically the stakes. This is how big the cold war was.   SN, there’s an explosion at the beginning of the movie, when the gloves collide.

SN – I was watching Rocky 2 yesterday. I almost cried when Rocky runs down the street and all the kids start running after him. What a touching movie.

E – for me, the robot in Rocky IV really got to me.

N8 – The way he brings Paulie his beer makes the room go all dusty.

LD – I like the way Rocky downshifts over and over and over again in the No Easy Way Out Montage.  It’s clearly done out of grief.

SN – I always wanted to see a Rocky movie that ends like a video game: Rocky would have to fight everyone he’s ever fought in a row, then fight a seemingly unbeatable boss — possibly a 10-foot-tall Ultra Drago.

6) Grimbil – No Stallone scene can top Ah-nold’s wide repitore. I’m taking Conan the Barbarian, Valeria’s funeral pyre battle. I remember being devestated as a child when Valeria died by snake arrow from Thulsa Doom, and that only lent fire to coming battle. The requisite prep scene of making traps, sharpening weapons, praying to the gods, etc build the atmosphere. Then when the enemies come on horseback and the Basil Poledouris music kicks into gear, you can’t help but get excited. Arnold at his best, a grunting muscle bound nimrod, chopping people to bits while protecting a scantily clad girl tied to a post at the top of hill. Add in a return of Valeria’s ghost, and you have a classic action sequence that all other fantasy battle scenes must be compared to.

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