East Bound and Awesome

By: SN · February 26, 2009

Have you been watching Eastbound and Down? While not as rock solid as the premiere, the second episode was a good watch nonetheless, setting the tone for the rest of the initial batch of six episodes.

Here’s the scenario: Former pitching phenom Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) gets a job teaching gym at an elementary school to pay the bills. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever, drinking nonstop and doing whatever drugs he can get his hands on. Despite any realistic hope, he desperately wants to get back to the majors.

What’s so funny about the show? Well, for starters, he has zero shame. Drinking and swearing around kids is just good entertainment. One of the best lines from the first episode (as Kenny takes a seat with other teachers in the cafeteria): “I just saw two boys raping six girls. No, I’m just kidding.” Another gem (to his nephews at the dinner table): “Your father and I used to beat the shit out of these two retarded kids. What’d you call the one? Mongoloid Mike?” One of the best lines from the second episode (as he turns down ecstacy before making a guest appearance at a car dealership): “I got a real job to do. I’m not teaching fucking kids. I can’t get fucked up.”

It’s nice to see a show where the character is such a dick. Through two episodes, he’s punched one of his fans in the face each time. Hopefully this trend continues.

Though watching a delusional Kenny can be sad at times, and though he’s never cared about anyone (except maybe large-breasted former girlfriend April Buchanon), one can’t help but maybe like him a little and root for him to succeed. It would make life easier on everyone around him if he did, in any event.

McBride has said that the first six episodes fit together like a three hour movie. Whereas the first show ended with him tossing a skank off his jetski and then intentionally hitting her with his wakes repeatedly, the second episode picks up with her swimming out of the lake, where he tells her she needs to wear a “dental dam” while performing oral sex on him because he’s worried about her bill of health and “you don’t know what shit I’ve got either.” Good stuff.

If you’re at all sensitive, this may not be the show for you. Then again, if you are, you’re probably not reading my posts. So if you’re not some kind of emo pussy, you’ll likely enjoy the show. Now go watch it. I want more episodes ordered.

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2 Responses to “East Bound and Awesome”
  1. E says:

    I fucking LOVE this show. Both eps. Though you’re right, the first ep was superior.

  2. SN says:

    I’ve watched both episodes multiple times. They’re like crack — addictive and harmless.

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