I Am Teh Wallrsu

By: JC · March 5, 2009

Last year, Rock Band developer Harmonix had announced a deal with Apple Corps (the Beatles business company) involving the Beatles’ music.  When asked whether it would be a Rock Band title, Harmonix avoided the question saying it would be it’s own “experience.”

A few weeks ago on the Howard Stern Show, Paul McCartney when asked about whether he played Rock Band replied “Well love, they’re making one about us, dippity doo” (ok, maybe that’s a paraphrase).

Well today, the questions have been answered.  With much peace and love, The Beatles: Rock Band will be released on 360, PS3 and Wii on September 9th of this year or 09.09.09 (as in Number 9).

Also a Limited Edition Premium bundle which will include instruments modeled after instruments used by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr throughout their career all for the small sum of $250.

The Beatles catalog is viewed as the Holy Grail of the music games.  Now that the game is a reality, I am outright giddy.  I just won’t be asking Ringo to sign my copy.



4 Responses to “I Am Teh Wallrsu”
  1. DJ says:

    PS – Excuse the lateness of my reply.

  2. e-roc says:

    “…..The Beatles: Rock Band will be released on 306, PS3 and Wii on September 9th……”

    JC, you’re not E or LD, but I’m still going to give you sh*t for typing “306”…

    Is that a Japan/Europe-only console? =)

  3. e-roc says:

    … if you were SN, I would have been much more cruel…. MUHAHAHAHA…

  4. SN says:

    I have a feeling you may soon be starring in an OJ comic, e-roc

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