I Am Teh Wallrsu I Am Teh Wallrsu
Last year, Rock Band developer Harmonix had announced a deal with Apple Corps (the Beatles business company) involving the Beatles’ music.  When asked whether it would be a Rock Band title, Harmonix avoided the question saying it would be it’s own “experience.” A few weeks ago...
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JC in Real Life JC in Real Life
Earlier this week, the glorious Eugene Ahn, of People You Don’t Know, interviewed me for his podcast.  The topics range from Nilla Wafers to Reaganomics, the video game.  In between, we also discuss our love of video games, why every 15 year old on Xbox Live seems like a member of the Klan Youth...
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Combing the New York Comic Con Combing the New York Comic Con
Recently, I attended the New York Comic Con, which is the largest convention of it’s kind on the East Coast. Hung over from a series of pre-event parties, I slogged from Penn Station to the Javits Center.  In past years, the line to enter stretched down 10 Ave for blocks and blocks.  This year,...
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Dollhouse Premiere Dollhouse Premiere
Joss Whedon is my master. His new show begins tonight. You’ve been informed.
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Obama Achievements Obama Achievements
  We received a list of the Achievements for the Obama Xbox 360 game. Unfortunately, only Obama can play the game, but we can at least look at the list. Here they are, with the dates that he has unlocked some of them. Oh, no he didn’t! – Announce Candidacy – 25 [unlocked 2/10/2007] Nomination...
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Battle Tactics Arena Battle Tactics Arena
Continuing my proud tradition of talking up awesome geeky stuff all the cutting-edgers have been tired of for years, I bring you the free online game Battle Tactics Arena.   This game demands longevity amid the high production value new releases and console favorite.  Awesome and free is a great combo. Simple...
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Hands-On Preview – X-Blades Hands-On Preview – X-Blades
X-Blades features Ayumi, a thong-bikini clad artifact hunter, who is about to embark on her greatest adventure.  Ayumi, brought to a mysterious island, must rely on her gun, dual-swords, magic and her perky…wits to survive and perhaps save the world. The game, an Action-RPG is straight out of...
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Vampyres: Endothermic or Exothermic? Vampyres: Endothermic or Exothermic?
file photo: Y at graduation (Plymouth, 1796) First, spelling Vampyre with a “y” was traditional before it was trendy, ok? Second, everyone knows some of the fictional tropes about about vampires: they drink blood, have super-human strength, tend strongly toward the alluringly sensual,...
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Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5
Today, in comic book stores across this great nation of ours, Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 is being released.  (Amazon still has the release date as Feb. 18, so it might not get out to you Amazon people for a while).   I know where I’m going for lunch. 
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Technology: Friend or Foe? Technology: Friend or Foe?
Maybe it’s just me, but everyone seems to be slamming facebook lately.  It could be that the few hold-outs who have refused to create a facebook page have become as dogmatic about their refusal as those people who refuse to read Harry Potter, not because they wouldn’t like it but because...
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