Obama Achievements Obama Achievements
  We received a list of the Achievements for the Obama Xbox 360 game. Unfortunately, only Obama can play the game, but we can at least look at the list. Here they are, with the dates that he has unlocked some of them. Oh, no he didn’t! – Announce Candidacy – 25 [unlocked 2/10/2007] Nomination...
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Hope in the Time of Cholera [politics] Hope in the Time of Cholera [politics]
With the recent double-swearing in of Jesus as president, the world seems back on track. In just a few days, it has been remarkable the amount of progress accomplished just by undoing the regressive executive orders of the last eight years… As the resident contrarian around here, I was challenged...
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…And we’re back! …And we’re back!
With new hats to boot. Now that inauguration is officially over, (me and LD had one last inaugural party* to go to last night), we can get back to the business of posting about the important issues that affect real Americans’ lives day in, and day out. But just to commemorate this historic week...
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Achievement Unlocked! Achievement Unlocked!
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Hippies, Liberals, and Young Progressives Flood DC! Hippies, Liberals, and Young Progressives Flood DC!
Well, for those of us in DC, Inauguration Weekend/Clusterfuck 2009 is officially upon us. If you could see the billion portapotties around the National Mall, you’d understand how big an event this truly is. So friendly word of advice, if you’re in DC, please, please, stand to the right, walk...
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Hello world! Hello world!
Grimbil got WordPress installed with a new theme.  Let’s see what it can do.
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The Obama Wars, Part 2 [politics] The Obama Wars, Part 2 [politics]
EXTERIOR: NORTH CAROLINA — WASTELAND. /The Straight Talk Express stops before what remains of a huge Media Event. Palin and McCain walk among the smoldering voting machines and scattered signs. PALIN: It looks like Socialists did this, all right. Look, here are Tax Hikes, Regulation. It’s...
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Books I’ve Read: The Nine [books] Books I’ve Read: The Nine [books]
Because of the economy and foreign policy, the issue of Supreme Court Justice Appointments largely fell by the wayside this election cycle, which is a shame because I think it’s extremely important. Reading the Nine this close to the election did help put the issue in perspective. The Nine is...
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Obama Wars: Part 1 [politics] Obama Wars: Part 1 [politics]
The Democratic Party Leaders are sitting in a room setting out a strategy for the coming legislative term…REID: Until the filibuster-proof majority is fully operational we are vulnerable. The Republicans are too well equipped. They’re more dangerous than you realize. PELOSI: Dangerous to...
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Endgame 2008 Endgame 2008
I don’t even know what to say. I’m exhausted, delirious, dead tired. I’m watching these results roll in and it’s every bit as good as I imagined it would be. I worked for fifteen hours straight at the Obama Ohio Statewide Call Center today. We won Ohio. Countless friends, myself...
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