Movies to Keep An Eye Out For Movies to Keep An Eye Out For
If these movies screen around you, you should make an effort to see them. But for now, enjoy these two amazing trailers for Ballast and Waltz with Bashir, respectively.
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Revolutionary Road [movies] Revolutionary Road [movies]
Some may think that Sam Mendes tackling Richard Yates’ novel, Revolutionary Road, was just a recycling of the same themes and ideas that he brought to life nearly a decade ago in American Beauty. And while both movies may share the belief that the picturesque suburban life only serves to hide and...
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Defiance [movies] Defiance [movies]
At its core, Defiance has enough going for it that it could’ve been a captivating movie in a small, humble sort of way. With Liev Schreiber and Daniel Craig at the top of their games, the movie just needed a bit of inspiration to push it over the top. Unfortunately, no one was there to give it...
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2008 Movie Rundown [movies] 2008 Movie Rundown [movies]
Ok, so it’s a bit late, but I was trying my best to catch up with movies. So bite me. Here it is, the rundown of the year in movies 2008: [ed note: I have not yet seen: The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, Doubt, Rachel Getting Married, Gomorra, The Fall, Ballast….hopefully will...
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Classifying the Classics: Lawrence of Arabia [movies] Classifying the Classics: Lawrence of Arabia [movies]
[ed note: since it’s been a while, Classifying the Classics is me, a modern day movie snob, watching classic movies and judging them based on my modern day snob sensibilities. Because I’ve been accused of hating all old movies by many, many people…] Some behind the scenes here at the...
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Valkyrie [movies] Valkyrie [movies]
I’m almost tempted to give Valkyrie a pass, seeing as it’s exactly what it says it is: a WWII thriller/suspense movie about a failed assassination attempt by a group of German militarists on Hitler’s life. And to be honest, there’s a certain charm about the utter mediocrity of...
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My Winnipeg [movies] My Winnipeg [movies]
Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg is maddening, like being drunk in a funhouse hall of mirrors while being chased by beat poets and history teachers all tripping on acid…or something. Done in a surrealist, silent film style, Maddin constructs a noir expose look at the history of his hometown, Winnipeg,...
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Slumdog Millionaire [movies] Slumdog Millionaire [movies]
If you’ve ever watched or listened to an interview with Danny Boyle, you’d understand why his movies are the way they are. He speaks with the kind of boisterous, eye popping passion and enthusiasm that shows up in everything he does, whether it’s a zombie flick (28 Days Later), sci-fi (Sunshine),...
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button II [movies] The Curious Case of Benjamin Button II [movies]
Walking into the theater, I didn’t see how the premise of aging a man backwards could do more than create the most artificial device to star-cross two lovers. If I had realized then that it was 3 hours long, I would have thrown a hissy fit until my family agreed to see something else on the theory...
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [movies] The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [movies]
Some spoilers… The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a movie of such rich, breathtaking and amazing beauty that serves as mere context to a story that simply isn’t there. On its own merits, it’s inherently watchable, entertaining, and deeply affecting. But when viewed from a distance, it’s...
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